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FAQs at Twisted Palm

You've got questions? We've got answers.

How do I get to the island after landing in the mainland?
You have 2 choices for transfer to the island. First, you can take a short island hop flight for $157.50 USD per person. We are an agent for TropicAir and can easily schedule your air transfer We can arrange the flight so that you check-in and pay after you clear customs using Visa, Mastercard or cash) making it simple and easy. No sharing your credit information until necessary. If you are spending some time on the mainland first, consider flying from the Municipal airport and save the international arrival/departure fees. Cost is $98 USD per person from Municipal, but don’t forget you’ll need a taxi to the international airport when you leave the country ($25 USD). This assumes you will find your way to the municipal airport when you’re ready to come to the island. Your second options is Water Taxi. I can have my trusty taxi man pick you up at the airport and drive you to the water taxi. He will be fair with you on pricing ($25 USD for 2 persons) and he appreciates when I send him passengers. I can send the water taxi schedule to you via email for your convenience. You can pre-buy tickets but it's not necessary. It is all open seating, so unless you get there 20 minutes before departure, there is no guarantee that you will have a seat. There is no reserved seating. (Cost is $35 USD per person plus $50 USD roundtrip in the cab). Keep in mind, that if your international flight arrives after 3:30 PM, you may be hard pressed to make the last water taxi at 5:30 pm depending on traffic, day of the week, etc. Consider flying to the island and taking a water taxi when you leave if your international flight lands after 3:30 PM.
Are credit cards accepted in Belize and are there ATM's nearby?
Yes and yes. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted. Very few companies can process or accept Discover and American Express. It is recommended that you contact your card issuer and let them know you will be traveling in Belize. ATM’s disburse Belize Dollars and fee’s can be steep, so check with your card issuer beforehand!
Do businesses take US Currency?
Yes, businesses love the US greenback!  You will likely get change in Belize Dollars and the exchange rate is 2 BZD for 1 USD.  Always assume prices are in BZD unless noted otherwise.  It’s required in Belize that if prices are not in Belize Dollars, it must be prominently noted (such as on menu’s).
Should I get a golf cart or bike for my stay?
This is really a personal preference.  If you like to explore the island, then I suggest getting a cart since the island is 24 miles long and up to a mile wide in some places.  The cart also allows you more options for restaurants and night-life if that is your thing.  There are plenty of restaurant options nearby so a cart is not “required”.  Many people opt for bike rentals or just like to walk.  (downtown is maybe a 20-25 minute walk?)

The company I use for golf cart rentals offers free pickup and delivery to/from the airport or water taxi (saving you taxi fares).  They also include a free toll-bridge pass which saves money when crossing the bridge, AND they offer guests a discount at their grocery store - which is a nice benefit also.  I can send a rate sheet to you via email also.  If you'd like, I can arrange it and you can pay when you arrive on the island - no need for exchanging credit card information over the internet.  I make it as simple as possible for you.

Can I get a bike rental while I'm there?
Yes.  There are several companies on the island that are affordable and 1 will deliver and pick up the bikes directly to you at Twisted Palm Villas.  (rate sheet available on request via email).
Do you have suggestions for mainland tours, like Maya ruins, zip-lining or cave tubing?
For mainland ruins tours, I highly recommend Mundo Maya Jungle Tours.  Their guides and service are first class.  They will pick you up right here at Twisted Palm Villas - take you for breakfast, then insure the rest of your day is handled wonderfully.  My personal favorite is the ATM cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal) - but they have a lot of tours to choose from including some double and triple tours that are packed with excitement AND history!  I can send a rate sheet via email and connect you with them directly via email.  If you contact them directly, ask for Gerson - he is one of the owners and a great guy - but Jeniva will take great care of you, too!
What do you recommend for diving and snorkeling?
For diving or snorkeling, I would recommend Seastar Belize.  They are 20 seconds down the beach from us, so super convenient.  They have excellent dive packages and have snorkeling tours going to Hol Chan and Shark-Ray Alley, along with tours to Mexico Rocks and others all the time.  They have great staff, equipment and boats AND they also provide free kayaks and paddle boards for guests to paddle out to the reef and do some private snorkeling on your own.

You can check in with them when you arrive to see what they have scheduled, and if they don't have anything, they'll build a tour around you.  It's a great outfit and I don't think you'll be disappointed.  (If you are a serious diver, you may want to check in on-line with them, but make sure and mention you are staying at Twisted Palm Villas to get a discount on dive, snorkel and fishing tours!)

Can you recommend a fishing guide or island tour by boat?
I have a great local guy (Laji Nunez) that does a great tour of the island that can be combined with a few hours reef fishing, snorkeling, beach BBQ or just find a deserted island and laze around in knee deep water while sipping cold rum drinks or cerveza's - Oh, and Laji will cook for you too!!  This is a GREAT San Pedro experience with a native San Pedrano!  Ask about a trip down the Bachalar Chico River which separates Belize from Mexico!  (Around $125 USD per person for a full day)

For world class fly fishing opportunities, I can connect you with several experienced guides.  Abby Guerrero (local life-long San Pedrano) or Kevin Barker would be my choices.  Fishing for Bone, Permit and Tarpon are all good to excellent year round!  And the views are 2nd to NONE!!!  (Around $500 USD for a full day)

Deep sea fishing around San Pedro is also good to excellent year round.  Tuna, Wahoo, bill fish, barracuda, dorado/mahi mahi come and go at different times of the year and I can connect you with Hillyboo or his Belize-Grand-Champion son for an experience of a lifetime.  Another option is Mike Hawthorne – GREAT results!  (Around $750 USD for a full day)

Do you have other suggestions on things to do while I'm there?
I highly recommend planning some pool time, reading under the palm trees or laying in the hammocks.  You can walk down the beach and start a tab at The Dive Bar Belize, and they'll bring you frozen rum drinks every 20 minutes until you say "STOP".  This is one of my favorites because too many times people come here for R & R and go home exhausted from running and doing things - instead of doing nothing!!!

Spa services like rooftop massage or couples massages.  We have a spectacular location for a private massage, pedicure, manicure or a variety of facial applications.

Caye Caulker lazy day - Seastar, Laji or a water taxi can take you over to Caye Caulker (pronounced Key Cocker), the next tiny island south of Ambergris Caye where you can grab some lunch, drink  a Green Lizard frozen rum drink and float in the split (a hurricane-made break in the middle of the island with a lazy current that floats you back and forth in the split).  This is a VERY laid back place where the #1 activity is doing NOTHING!  Very European feel and a demographic in the back-packing, 20 to 30 something.  Oh, and "no shirt, no shoes, no problem!" and "GO SLOW" are the island mottos!

Not-so Secret Beach day - take the golf cart north and to the lagoon side of the island where you can wade out in waist deep crystal clear water for about 1/4 mile.  Beautiful sunsets? check, Bars/restaurants? check, Warm, crystal clear water? check check!

Twisted Palm Villas to Tranquility Bay Beach-Bar CRAWL - take the golf carts WAY north to Tranquillo a little snorkeling where the reef touches the island (called Robles Point), then gig some lobsters (Seasonal) or Conch (Seasonal) then have lunch at Tranquility Bay and do a 'beach bar crawl" back home (start with El Norte Beach Bar) See how many beach bars you can hit for at least 1 rum drink, beer, shot or (last choice but sometimes BEST choice) water!

Parasailing, kite surfing (advance planning!), sky-diving (seasonal) or wave runners!  Need I say more?

What are my payment options and when are payments due?
You have several options for payment.  First, you can make a bank to bank transfer using this information below.

ACH information:  Routing # 092901683   ACCT # 0807723226  First Interstate Bank FBO Michael Carey Phone:  307-262-1442

Or you can mail a check:    First Interstate Bank
C/O Michael Carey A/C # 807723226
104 S. Wolcott St.
Casper, Wyoming  82602

Or you can pay via Paypal:  PayPal: / wyocarey00

Please note, that we cannot remove suites from our booking sites until payment has been received and all listings are eligible for 1-click booking at any time (meaning someone can see them and hit 1 button to reserve the suite).

We require 50% of the booking total at the time the suite is reserved.  The remaining 50% is due 15 days prior to arrival EXCEPT for a whole house booking, when the remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to arrival.

What is your cancellation policy?
You can cancel up to 30 days prior to arrival with a full refund, less processing fee of $50 or 3.5% of the payment, whichever is greatest.  Within 30 days, no refunds unless your suite can be re-booked.
When is rainy season on Ambergris Caye?
It can rain during any month, but the rains are usually quick and gone.  The wettest month is September with August and October coming in next.  Day-long storms are rare but they do happen a few times each year.
What is crime like in Belize or on the island?
The crime in Belize is really not different than in North America.  Crime of opportunity is the biggest crime (leave something out in the yard and someone walking by might want it more than you do – especially nice shoes!).  There are parts of the island I wouldn’t suggest strolling into after 9:00 pm (just like parts of every city I’ve ever lived in).  The same can be said for Belize City, San Ignacio, Corozal, Placencia, and so on.

Drugs are as much a problem in Belize as anywhere else in North America.  Marijuana is illegal here – despite what some may tell you!  And your US Medical Marijuana Card is not valid in Belize.  Fines are stiff and can include jail time.  Oh, and some “dealers” may turn you in after selling you some – so be warned!

Violent crimes are rare, but since the population is so small, every instance is highly publicized.  Most violent crimes involve drug deals or domestic “love” issues.

Do I need a convertor or adapter for electricity?
No, the current and plugs are the same as the US and Canada.  (110v, 2 flat or sometimes with a ground prong) 
What is tipping like in Belize?
Tipping is similar to that in North America.  10-15% is standard, but if service or food is exceptional, feel free to tip more.  A 20% tip will not cause “inflation” on the island as some may suggest.  Wait staff, house keepers and tour leaders (dive masters) make decent money but they do rely on tips for the bulk of their wages.
Is the water safe to drink on the island
Locals and travelers alike choose bottled water while visiting the island.  A lot of the water at restaurants/bars/hotels is rain water and not meant for drinking.  Bottled water is readily available and most restaurants buy ice made with purified water.  Locals drink the rain water before they drink the tap water – but their systems are used to that, where most travelers’ are not. 
What time zone is Belize in?
Belize is in the Central Standard Time Zone (CST) from September through March and the Mountain Standard Time Zone (MST) during daylight savings time in North America – from April through October.  Belize does not adjust for Daylight Savings time, but when North America does, it changes the corresponding time zone in Belize.